Antenna for Opportunities:
The role of the Trade Office of Peru in Canada

A key player in identifying needs in the Canadian market
Canada is the second largest country  in the world, geographically speaking, yet has only 34 million inhabitants. This population is similar to that of Peru, but is spread over an area almost eight times as large. Further, Canada extends from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, making travel within the country very expensive.
Canada and Peru signed a Free Trade Agreement in August, 2009, creating significant business opportunities for manufacturers and exporters  in both countries. The Trade Office of Peru in Canada, OCEX Toronto,  is an antenna for opportunities  promoting Peruvian exports  to Canada, disseminating Peruvian tourism  and culinary arts, and encouraging joint ventures between companies from both countries. These linkages are extremely  important  because, in addition to "buy-sell"  business operations that may not involve a long-term commitment,  they also allow Canadian and Peruvian companies to get to know  each other  and establish a long term commitment. This leads to a sustainable  business  relationship based on future development and not only on temporary opportunity,  which happens in countries where the demand  is greater due to a larger population.
As a result, the OCEX  is of vital importance for industrial development in Peru. The close Canada- Peru relationship in the mining sector has led to significant development in the metal-mechanic industry because mining is the driving force behind the supply chain. Further, many industries that supply the mining sector have developed and modernized.  Ten years ago everything was imported  and plants were  built under "turnkey"  contracts.  Today, however, these plants are designed and developed with state-of-the- art technology by Peruvian enterprises, which even export to Canada and other international markets. All of these business opportunities  form  part of the agenda of the OCEX  Trade Office, which works  very closely  with trade associations and Peruvian producers to identify niche markets in order to locate opportunities, allowing access to a medium-size Peruvian company and its products, thanks to its great versatility and rapid response.
Therefore, it is appropriate  to call the OCEX "an antenna of opportunities" because it allows for the monitoring  and reception  of correct  signals about market requirements. Definitely, this "antenna" has to be properly directed in order to receive and retransmit  the best signals to those who are, or could be, the next exporters of Peruvian products  to an ideal market like that of Canada. The opportunity exists: the challenge is to tune in correctly.
José Luis Peroni
Trade Office of Peru-OCEX Toronto
Toronto, Canada
Publication: Dialogue No. 54 September 2012, Page 32~33 - Canada-Peru Chamber of Commerce

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